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St Andrew's CE Primary School is a Silver Accredited Rights Respecting School

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About Unicef

Unicef is the world’s leading organisation for children and their rights. We work with families, local communities, partners and governments in more than 190 countries to help every child survive and flourish.

As champion of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC or the Convention), we advocate for governments to protect and promote the rights of every child. We believe that children’s rights should never be compromised by their circumstances.

Everyone has human rights. Children enjoy many rights that adults do in international rights treaties, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, children need a special convention just for them because people under 18 years old need special care and protection.

 See the ABCDE of Children’s Rights below - Rights are:

(A)   Inherent - Rights are there at BIRTH

(B)   Inalienable - Rights CANNOT be taken away

(C)   Indivisible - All rights are EQUALLY important

(D)  Universal - Rights are for ALL children

(E)   Unconditional - Rights DO NOT have to be earnt


UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is a universally agreed set of nonnegotiable standards and obligations, built on varied legal systems and cultural traditions.

These basic standards – also called human rights – set minimum entitlements and freedoms that should be respected and put into effect by governments. They are founded on respect for the dignity and worth of each individual, regardless of ethnicity, gender, language, religion, opinions, origins, wealth, ability or any other status and, therefore, apply to every human being everywhere. The Convention has 54 articles in total.

The general principles of the Convention are found in articles 2, 3, 6 and 12:

  • i) non-discrimination
  • ii) best interests of the child
  • iii) life, survival and development
  • iv) participation

Articles 43–54 are about how adults and governments work together to make sure that all children get all their rights.

The UK ratified the CRC on 16 December 1991. That means our government has to make sure that every child in the UK has all the rights in the Convention.

Unicef is the only organisation (other than the UN itself) whose name appears in the Convention. See below for the summary of the Children's Rights Articles...

summary of the uncrc.pdf

The articles have been mapped into our ambitious PSHE curriculum and are taught through our inspiring topic themed approach. Please see the grid below.


childrens rights coverage and progression.pdf

 Parents and Carers

We would really like for you to learn more with your child and work with your child to  complete some home learning activities, please click on the links below.

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