Growing Responsible, Safe and Confident Learners

to Live in God’s World


 GROWING:  Our aim is to grow learners to be safe, responsible and confident in their computing skills. At St Andrew’s, all children are given opportunities to succeed in Computing, by equipping them with the skills needed to become independent learners. From Foundation Stage to Year 6 the key concepts in the National Curriculum are built upon each year. By providing children with different opportunities to use a variety of software, the children will become more confident for the future, where technology will continue to play a significant part in their everyday lives.


 RESPONSIBLE, SAFE AND CONFIDENT LEARNERS: Using computing skills should not just be restricted to a weekly timetabled lesson, therefore we aim to use technology in a variety of other subjects. By doing this we are encouraging the children to increase their skill-set and this can remove barriers in allowing children ways to achieve. An example of this could be a child who dislikes their handwriting being able to word process their work. Computing skills such as being able to use safe-search on the internet allows children to be able to develop their knowledge and understanding in other subjects. Educating our children to be safe when online is paramount to us here at St Andrew’s. It is vital that this online safety is embedded in all we do in computing and our aim is that children understand the dangers and are equipped with methods about what to do if something happens to them online. We continue these discussions as part of our online safety units in PSHE lessons.

TO LIVE IN GOD’S WORLD: In an ever-increasingly technical world we aim to ensure that the children have been equipped with the key skills needed to access the online world in a responsible, safe and confident manner. Children regularly use their computing skills to present and publish finished pieces across the curriculum, preparing them for life in wider society.


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