Growing Designers to live in God’s World


At St Andrew’s C of E Primary School, our vision is that through the teaching of Design and Technology the children will be engaged, inspired and challenged. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of design, imaging God in his world. We believe that Design and Technology forms an important part of the curriculum. Through being given the opportunities to stimulate their creativity and imagination we want every child to form a love of DT and thus to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. Throughout pupils’ time at St Andrew’s, they will grow in designing and making, creativity and knowledge of great designers, enabling them to grow in God’s good gifts. The children will develop this through a broad and balanced curriculum and clear progression of skills throughout the school. Children will also study designers from around the world, broadening their cultural, spiritual and social development.


Implementation and Impact

 Planning and Progression Model

All teachers follow the National curriculum in addition to a Design and Technology skills progression document. Additionally, formative assessment is used to ensure that prior understanding is built upon and embedded.

Breadth and Depth

A broad and deep curriculum is offered, with opportunities for DT to be explored across subjects.  Planning also allows for children to be creatively and technically challenged across all year groups.


Progress is shown through prior and end of unit assessments. Any gaps in learning are addressed in lessons and/or in subsequent lessons. Children in KS2 are expected to reflect upon and evaluate their own work and the work of their peers. This helps to refine skills and develop their skills.

Pupils’ attainment and progress is measured against level descriptors in our ‘DT - Knowledge and Skills Progressions’ document. Descriptors are based on the National Curriculum objectives.

Subject Leadership

The Design and Technology Leader at St Andrew’s C of E Primary School ensures that teachers’ subject knowledge is maintained, with ongoing research, as well as discussions with teachers. The teaching is based on the National Curriculum guidelines to ensure all aspects, knowledge and skills are being taught and progression is shown throughout the school. The subject leader also supports colleagues in building subject knowledge and ensuring all teachers have the appropriate resources for effective and creative teaching.

Equitable Delivery

All children are given access to the curriculum, with opportunities provided for children who may miss lessons through intervention. Data analysis and book looks support this. The work is also differentiated as seen in success criteria.


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