Growing Geographers to Live in God’s World


At St Andrew’s C of E Primary School, our Geography teaching provides and provokes children’s answers to questions about both the human and natural aspects of the world as naturally, Geography is an investigative subject.  Our Geography curriculum promotes all pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, which will remain with them throughout their lives. All children, regardless of their backgrounds, cultures and abilities are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of God’s world alongside their place in it.


Throughout pupils’ time at St Andrew’s C of E Primary School, they will progressively develop: contextual knowledge, an understanding of physical and human Geography alongside geographical skills, through a range of experiences in the classroom alongside educational visits. We also take every opportunity to link Geography to the wider curriculum as this enables children to develop transferable skills and can promote their cultural, social, spiritual and moral development. 



Intent, Implementation and Impact

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 Assessment and pedagogy

 A crucial part of our approach to the geography curriculum is the use of effective assessment strategies. Strategies that are used include: pre-unit assessments enabling teachers to see pupils' starting points with both skills and knowledge; activating prior learning slides at the start of, and within, units; post-unit assessments and final topic outcomes to demonstrate progress in a variety of ways; a long term plan with clearly mapped out knowledge, skills and associated vocabulary; displays which reference key topic vocabulary and support pupil recall of key words and concepts; Knowledge and Skills Organisers in topic books which lay out the important facts and skills relating to each topic. 

Whole school Geography curriculum