Growing Healthy and Aspirational Learners to Live in God’s World


At St Andrew’s CE Primary School, our PSHE curriculum is underpinned by our school principles: Wisdom, Grace and Hope, which are rooted in the Bible. Our aim is to grow confident and respectful learners to live happily in God’s world, underpinned by a strong focus on emotional health and wellbeing.


GROWING:  It is our ambition that every St Andrew’s pupil is able to develop a deep understanding of their place in the world; starting with their role at school, within the local community and beyond.

We strive to do this by delivering a high quality PHSE curriculum which enables all children to learn about how to be responsible, respectful and thoughtful members of the community, whilst simultaneously supporting and nurturing the emotional health and wellbeing of all children.

Our PSHE sessions are taught within a nurturing and supportive environment which enables our learners to all receive the appropriate level of support they need in order to achieve personal success and development.



CONFIDENT AND RESPECTFUL LEARNERS: Throughout the school day we encourage our children to make positive choices and to be reflective and pro-active in all they do. All children complete work on the Zones of Regulation and are encouraged to use this to recognise their own emotions and help self-regulate. Children are able to indicate to their teacher if they are not within the Green Zone and can then use their individual zones folders to identify strategies to help them regulate and regain control. Through their work in PE and Science the children also learn the importance of being healthy and active.

TO LIVE IN: We want to provide all children with the potential to thrive, not just survive in God’s world, making positive contributions to their immediate, local and global community. Our PHSE curriculum successfully supports this by providing all learners with opportunities to learn key life skills including different aspects of safety, money matters, respecting the views of others, rights and responsibilities and personal and emotional development, including wellbeing.

GOD’S WORLD: Through our continuously adaptive curriculum, we aim to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for all pupils. We develop learners that feel inspired and motivated to reach their full potential in God’s world, successfully putting into practise key life skills.

Implementation and Impact

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 Zones of Regulation


Our PSHE approach is closely linked with the Zones of Regulation. Please click below to see an informative website page on the Zones of Regulation.


As a school, we have designed 'Getting to My Green Zone' boxes for all children to access. In particular, children with sensory processing difficulties may need to use these regulating tools to help them to be ready to learn. Some children are provided with their own personalised table-top toolkits. 

Our YouTube channel has a wide range of videos explaining the Zones of Regulation Approach that we use in school:

School YouTube Zones of Regulation Video 1

School YouTube Zones of Regulation Video 2

School YouTube Zones of Regulation Video 3

PowerPoint explaining different sensory tools

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Whole school PSHE curriculum and policy

Education for Safeguarding

 This section of the website is under development.


 RSHE Policy

 Following consultation with parents, we have updated our RSHE policy.  Please see our LTP and PSHE policy to see how RSHE is covered as a cohesive part of our PSHE curriculum.