Quality Marks

SEND/Inclusion Award



The SEND Inclusion Award offers schools the opportunity to gain accreditation for high-quality provision and outcomes for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Schools are required to reflect on and improve their provision in line with a series of objectives that fulfil both Ofsted criteria and the SEND Code of Practice. Specifically, the award focuses on ‘outcomes’ for pupils and how schools can demonstrate the impact of their SEND provision. The award leads schools through a process of self-evaluation, action planning and evidence collection before final verification and accreditation.

The award will help schools develop high-quality SEND provision throughout the school by:

  • promoting awareness of SEND issues and inclusion for all staff, parents, pupils and governors
  • evaluating and improving classroom practice and interventions
  • focusing on pupil outcomes.

Successful completion of the award will enable schools to:

  • gain recognition for high-quality education and care for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities
  • demonstrate to parents, governors and Ofsted inspectors that the school provision complies with current legislation and the SEND Code of Practice, and is effective in achieving good outcomes for all pupils.

Schools usually complete the process of achieving the award in 12-15  months. Within this timescale, the process is supportive, developmental and progressive, rather than a box-ticking, target-driven exercise. This guidance provides clear, comprehensive, straightforward guidance to support schools in whole school improvement through successful completion of the award.


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Wellbeing Award 



This award focuses on changing the long-term culture of the whole school. Using an evidence-based framework to drive change, it will help us to enhance staff and pupil wellbeing, review staff training, and revise our policies. This award will ensure that mental health and wellbeing sit at the heart of our school life.