Strategic Documents

Long Term Plans and School Evaluation


We evaluate our work on an ongoing basis (SEF). This enables us to identify what we are doing well and what areas could be even further improved. Our School Improvement Plan (SIP) sets out the school’s strategy and development planning with a clear areas for development/improvement in the year ahead. The Plan is developed in consultation with staff, governors, parents and pupils. It is informed by school self-evaluation and is reviewed regularly by the Senior Leadership Team, governors and curriculum subject leads to identify progress, impact and identifying new areas for focus.


School Improvement Plans

School Improvement Plan 2023 V3 (March)

3 Year Strategic Plan 2022 - 2025


School Evaluation

SEF STAP V2 March 2023

SEF on a page V2 March 2023

SIAMs Self Evaluation March 2023

SIAMs 2 Page Profile March 2023


Premises Development Plan

Capital Premises Development Plan 2023 - 2028